No matter if your child is in football, baseball or dance. The photographs created of them in their uniform or costume should always bring back precious memories. Which bring us to the first thing to consider.

        #1. Price Is Not Everything!

Choosing a photographer for your child’s photographs because they are cheaper than the last one that you used can be one of the worst things you can do. 

                 “Why?” you ask.

Usually if a photography company is offering their photographs at a lower price it is because of one of two reasons.

  1. They are an extremely large multi-state or national corporation that is focused on profit from quantity sales. 
  2. They are a new photography company that may not be using a Professional Photographic Lab to create their merchandise.

Large multi-state or national corporations aren’t generally emotionally or financially invested  locally in your community. 

         This is not the case for the local photographers.

New photographers sometimes haven’t gone through the process of finding good quality Professional Photographic Lab to finish the photographs they have created. Picking the lab that uses the right materials that compliment the style, subject and products they choose to offer takes trial and error. And that only comes with experience. 

 enchanted light sports and events photography 026#2. Change Is Not Always Bad!

You can’t even imagine how many times we have heard someone say “We keep using the same photographer as before so that the prints all look the same”. As time goes by, Professional Photographic Labs are creating better and better quality products. That means those photographs look better and last longer. Those labs are also creating new products that just were not available in the past do to technology. Regardless of who you choose to create your photographs for you, do yourself a favor and make sure they are keeping up with what is new. That doesn’t mean new is always better though.

          #3. Are They Offering The Products That you Want From Your Sports And Events Photography?There are a lot of products out there for Sports and Events Photography. Some people like certain products like “Button” or “Bag Tags”. So make sure that the photographer that you choose offers you the options that you feel are important. In may cases, this would mean your photographer will need to be willing to create custom order forms or offer you everything. The latter of the two generally just confuses people with too many options. 

          #4. Can They Provide The Quality That You Deserve?

You deserve the best quality from your photographs. It takes more than just a nice camera to create quality photographs. To be honest, with the technology of newer cameras just about anyone can create adequately exposed photographs for you. You and your children deserve better than adequate.  Lighting is a Key Factor in creating quality photographs. Make sure that the photographer that you choose uses lighting to best compliment your child in their photographs. That doesn’t mean using a pop-up flash.

           #5. Going The Extra Mile For You.

No matter who you decide to use to create your Sports and Events Photographs. Find out if they are willing to photograph the extra moments such as Action, Recitals and or Banquets that have to do with your child’s activities. These are usually at an extra cost, but should be available services.

enchanted light photography sports and events photography wrestling1506We have been Professional Photographers for 20 years now. The Professional Photographic Labs that we use are ones that we have spent years to find and build relationships with to ensure the best quality Photographic products to offer to our clients. Located right here in Winter Garden FL. We are a local business that supports our community. 


Call right away. We can’t wait to talk to you about how we can help you out with your photographic needs.  CLICK HERE

Sincerely, Greg and Tori

Sports and Events Photography Professionals

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